Company Information

Message from the President

yojiKANEDAKyohshin Co., Ltd. is located in Himeji city where famous as high productivity area of leathers in Japan and is said have over 1000 years of history of leather producing. They have kept producing high quality of leathers for shoes, bags, wallets, furniture, belts.. and is celebrated its 100th years business in 2011.

One of our company's strength is "Direct purchase, Direct sales"

We directly purchase raw leather, chemicals, leather manufacturing machinery...everything related with leather production from all over the world by ourselves. Without going through trading companies enables to produce high quality products with low cost.

The Produced leather does not pass through a wholesaler, but directly pass into a manufacturer. This form of direct transaction enables for us to develop the leather material which meets customer's needs and the planning intention as we can communicate directly with the designers.

Secondly, we are proud of our unique development capabilities.

Standard products are produced with stable quality such as color, thickness, texture, softness, etc... We are also focusing on the research and development of new materials.

Even though it is extremely thin, 0.3mm, and lightweight, still have strong durability. Environmental friendly eco leather, botanical leather with plant dyeing, leather that does not fade at all, inkjet printing on silver surface, laser processing...

As gathering information is essential for starting new things, we regularly visit exhibitions in Italy such as Mipel, Mikamu, Linear Pele etc..

We are working on development with "The leather for innovation" in our mind.

In 2012, our new leather-goods brand "ZALEZA" was launched, all the goods in "ZALEZA" are entirely made from our leathers

We pledge to work as a specialist of leather with top level of skills, knowledge, respectful for leathers.

Your continued support will be highly appreciated.