Business Outline

Newly developed leather materials

Kyohshin Co., Ltd. has a philosophy of "The Leather for Innovation", and is focusing on the research and development of new materials. Some of them are listed below.

[2]Super soft rich

Combi Tanning

Super soft rich

Super soft rich is a leather material that sticks to softness, from tanning process to finishing. In order to realize a unique soft texture, we purchased some high-grade chemicals directly from Europe and use it. The thickness is 1.5mm. We made different types of surface processing, such as "Novo" with a large surface embossment and "Shrink" with a small embossment. The photo is "Novo" type.

[1]W Enamel

Combi Tanning

W Enamel

Use aqueous urethane enamel. It is a leather featuring luster with a sense of transparency. By incorporating pearl pigment in urethane, we also combine elegant sparkle. W of "W enamel" is W of Waterbone. Kip material. Thickness 0.9 to 1.1mm. 12 colors are listed. Also "W pearl enamel" with pearl on the surface.