Business Outline

Manufacture and sale for Leather


We deal in materials that can correspond to various designs for ladies' and men's. It is 1.1 mm thin and soft but it does not stretch. Hard type, thick as 2.6mm which will not lose its shape after it is tailored to shoes. By combining the tanning process, we control the texture, softness, texture, strength and provide the best material for the final product.

The finish of the surface corresponds according to the design of shoes such as natural warm-up, oil wax finish, glass type that changes physical properties, enamel processing and so on.

Raw leather is made from German and American steer hide (adult cattle), kip (calf), over kip (middle cattle) etc. In recent years Japan's domestic original skin has also come to be used.


Leather for bags are also rich in variations. Soft type that is light and good-feeling, hard type that it does not lose their shape even after long-term use. Various expressions are possible on the finish of the surface, such as color feeling by dyeing processing and transparency of gloss by special processing.

We are making leather that has no problems such as color fading fastness, light fastness, color migration to PVC. We also prepare color fading testers in the factory and could offer the results of physical property tests if necessary.

Wallet, Small goods

Crocodiles, lizards, snakes and other reptile embossing processing, two-tone processing, surface film gloss finishing processed materials are also produced. It is also possible to finish the surface and inner materials of the wallet into both similar colors or different colors with different finishing methods. Cowhide such as calf (dairy cow), kip (calf), baby calf (calf) etc are mainstream.


To be used for furniture, it is required to have a larger size than general materials. We purchase large and scratch-free raw skin through our own route.

All of our leather clear physical properties such as discoloration, light resistance, color migration, and also prevents color blurring for each lot, keeps the texture of leather. However, it is not limited to leather for furniture, but also leather for all purpose for use.


We mainly use special German raw material skin which has dense fiber, and apply special tanning for the belt. It is important for belt products, it is possible to produce materials without elongation and loose grain. Leather thickness is from 1.8 mm to 3.8 mm.